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9 Reasons for God’s Design of Marriage

Have you ever wondered why God created marriage? Have you ever wondered what his plan for marriage should look like? How does a couple achieve that plan? If we were able to achieve it, would that mean we had the perfect marriage? Early in life, I often wondered what it would take to have a […]

10 Outdoors Activities That Can Improve Your Marriage During Quarantine!

One of the best ways to improve your relationship is to have fun together. The more diverse the activities you experience together, the more you learn about each other and grow your admiration for one another. When you are stuck at home, one way to expand your activities is to get creative OUTSIDE. Obviously we […]

How Grace and Forgiveness can Help Your Relationship During Quarantine

Stress and monotony becoming the norm? Being at home more than usual and not being able to get out increases boredom, unless you have figured out how to be creative since two blog posts ago. Sometimes there is not enough creativity to help a couple to feel good about each. More time spent together and […]

Improve your marriage while in quarantine by sharing duties and giving time to reboot

Many of us who are home at this time find that our duties are actually increasing. Children being home from school and more people in the household creating messes means more clean up and monitoring of the homestead. If you are still working, especially from home, you might be pulling double duty. This increases the […]