Building Better Marriages

Providing Quality Information to Build Great Marriages

I created this page as a launch to pursue a passion and commitment. My passion is to see marriages succeed. My commitment is to help those who are married, or are thinking about getting married to BUILD BETTER MARRIAGES.

I desire to see marriages that are GROWING where both spouses are INVESTED fully in one another. I desire to see marriages that utilize the STRENGTHS of both individuals in their marriage. I desire to see couples learn how to COMMUNICATE AND COMPROMISE. Most of all, I desire to see marriages that MODEL how two people can improve the overall life of the individuals within the relationship, the children that are born out of those relationships and the community of families and individuals that surround those relationships.

The state of marriage today is GLOOMY at best! 50 – 52% of marriages FAIL. I believe, and many other marriage experts believe, that the institute of marriage is in trouble here in the United States. Not only are individuals hurting who are in marriages that fail, but the effects are seen in the children of failing marriages and the communities where there is a rise in single parent homes. It seems like an impossible task, but we need to keep working to revive the health of the institute of marriage.

I like to provide resources that will help improve your marriage even while you are attending counseling or even if you are not. I hope that we can bring together others who want to join in this fight to BUILD BETTER MARRIAGES.

One way you can help is to EMAIL US with resources and ideas that we can add to this section of our site after we have reviewed them.