What expectations do you have for your marriage? Have you ever thought about it? What you think a marriage should look like, and how you believe your spouse should behave will affect your relationship. Many couples go into marriage with a set view of how their marriage will be and what “should” take place.

Wives, have you ever felt like your husband only wants to engage with you to get you in the bedroom? He grabs and gropes you all the time, but gentle, non-sexual touch is rare or even absent? You’re not alone.

Are you having concerns about how much your husband is making sexual advances towards you? Many couples have differing sex drives and different understandings of how much sex they should be having. Sometimes a wife can get overwhelmed and feel turned off by her husband when he is too pushy for sex. This is not abnormal. You are created differently and have different needs. Yet, when you feel he is being too sexually demanding, something might be off.

Let’s set the scene. You have been doing everything you can to seduce your husband and make him want you. However, he just never takes the bate. He seems uninterested. Sex has dwindled. He is disengaged and focused on other things. What is going on? Am I not good enough, pretty enough, or sexy enough? Why does he not want to ravage me?

What is it like to be lied to? And how to you deal with a spouse that lies? To confront a spouse who lies, you first need to have a plan of how to talk to your partner about their dishonesty. You may be struggling with the pain of the most recent lie or the first one ever. Yet, you can’t just stand by and wait for the next time, or let this go by without trying to understand, right?