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What is an affair?

No one wants to face betrayal by a spouse. It’s probably the most painful experience one can go through. As a marriage counselor, I have heard many stories of heartache and tragedy that result in the relationships of the couples who come to see me. Some are easily redeemable, but most feel hopeless when I first meet them. Big feelings and much confusion comprise those moments.

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How to Handle a Sexually Demanding Husband

Are you having concerns about how much your husband is making sexual advances towards you? Many couples have differing sex drives and different understandings of how much sex they should be having. Sometimes a wife can get overwhelmed and feel turned off by her husband when he is too pushy for sex. This is not abnormal. You are created differently and have different needs. Yet, when you feel he is being too sexually demanding, something might be off.

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Affection in Marriage

When you’re struggling in your marriage there can be many causes. I would know! Couples come to see me every day with all sorts of problems. That does not mean that all of those problems are the causes of their marital struggles. However, what I see often is a decrease in affection towards one another. Affection is so important in relationships, especially in committed ones like marriage. Spouses need affection to keep the relationship strong and healthy. 

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What does it mean when your husband rejects you sexually?: Understanding your man’s distance.

Let’s set the scene. You have been doing everything you can to seduce your husband and make him want you. However, he just never takes the bate. He seems uninterested. Sex has dwindled. He is disengaged and focused on other things. What is going on? Am I not good enough, pretty enough, or sexy enough? Why does he not want to ravage me?

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Is It Okay To Not Forgive Someone?

Have you been stuck in unforgiveness? You may be asking, “Why should I forgive?” Or, maybe, you are 100% sure you shouldn’t forgive. Unforgiveness may seem right, especially if you don’t spend much time around someone who hurt you. What’s the point when you don’t even see them? On the other hand, can unforgiveness be a hindrance and hold you back? That’s why I ask, “Is it okay to not forgive someone?”

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How to Build Trust in a Marriage

When a couple starts dating and enters a more serious relationship with each other, they automatically seem to trust each other. They don’t question each other’s motives. The couple gives each other the benefit of the doubt. Then one day something happens to disturb their tranquility. A negative event can strike anytime after a couple has started dating, when they are engaged, or even after they are married. Trust can quickly be lost. Whether small or large, the earthquake shakes their view of each other and leaves cracks in the foundation of the relationship.

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How To Get Over Lying in a Relationship

It’s one thing to understand how to forgive when someone lies to you or apologize for being dishonest. You are entering a whole new ball game when you are trying to “get over” the lying all together. You may want it to just go away, but that’s not necessarily going to happen. Stopping the act of lying and/or putting away the hurt and symptoms of being lied to may take time.