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Roles in Marriage

Have you ever been a part of  a play or acted in a skit? I have! As we all know, a play or skit has many roles that work together to make up a story, whether it be an animal, a particular character, or and object. I remember one of my most famous roles when […]

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Happy Mind, Happy Relationship

How can a relationship be improved by just improving your mind? People talk about improving your mind to stay smart and move up in your career or create a new invention or get invited on Jeopardy. Who thinks about improving the mind to improve a relationship? Improving the mind is not usually connected to relationships, […]

What Does Intimacy Have to Do With Sex?

Over the past year, as I have continually worked with couples to improve their marriages, I have noticed that couples tend to have major differences in their view of what sex should be like in a marriage. Most of the time, couples tend to have a major difference in their desire for sex. As a […]

Thankful for Thanksgiving

How redundant is the title of this blog post? Yet, every year around this time I get a magical feeling bringing me back to my childhood home and the memories that flood back to me when I remember the years that have gone by. I am truly thankful for Thanksgiving. It reminds me to be […]

What has happened to men?: 7 challenges to get back to being a real man

Over the past 100 years, a man’s role and way of being has changed dramatically. More men are coming to the understanding that they have an emotional side to them. Men are now less effective as the leader of their families. Men are now not always the sole bread winner. Men also do not date […]

Stress and your hands?

I read something interesting the other day. It was about how stress affects the body. At one of the places I have worked, I continuously help people manage stress, but one of the things I am always looking for is how to become more aware intense stress that we are holding onto in our lives. I […]

Learning About Life

Starting a new website is a critical part of my therapy practice, apparently. I wish I had known this a long time ago. The lessons you learn along life’s way are many and diverse. This post is about why learning is important from a mental health perspective, but also a statement about what this blog […]


Why I Offer Sex Therapy

* Before I start, I won’t to preface this blog post with a clarification. In my practice I do not judge others or push my beliefs on others. Counseling is about helping others reach their stated goals and not working on my goals. However, all people hold beliefs and these beliefs effect how they interact […]