Reasons for God's Design in Marriage

9 Reasons for God’s Design of Marriage

Have you ever wondered why God created marriage? Do you wonder what his plan for marriage should look like? How does a couple achieve that plan? If we were able to achieve it, would that mean we had the perfect marriage?

Wondering What Marriage is About

Early in life, I often wondered what it would take to have a perfect relationship. I was not as concerned with the why of marriage. I remember watching my parents and their interactions. I remember their affectionate touches. I remember my mom grabbing my dad’s hand at random times just to hold it.

I also remember some of their arguments and their patterns when they would get upset. Obviously, no human relationship is perfect or ever will be, but I remember feeling fearful at times when my mom and dad would have conflict. Not that they were bad conflicts, but I was little and did not fully understand. That’s where my fear kicked in.

I also remember watching them somehow make up and resume affectionate interactions that overtime helped me realize their commitment to each other was strong. Their relationship was a gift to me. God showed me, through them, one possible way to be married. But I still longed for understanding. I still did not know why marriage was created.

Are There Healthy Relationship Models?

I have heard of others who did not have the model I had. Worse stories have been relayed to me. People have had no model for a relationship at all. Some have never seen a healthy relationship. Others have seen partially healthy relationships. However, all desire to be in a healthy relationship.

I still wonder, “Why do we desire to be in healthy relationships and not care where the concept of relationship came from?”

This question is what I want to focus on. Maybe we are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking, “What does a healthy relationship look like, and how can we attain it?” Maybe we should first ask, “Why does marriage exist in the first place?” or “What is its origin, and what is it for?”

Did you know answers to those questions exist?

Finding the Answer in the Bible

We may not find a perfect or full answer, but I propose that if we learn the answers to God’s reasons and plan for His creation of marriage, we will know  how to have a healthy marriage. If we find the answer to the reasons to why marriage is important, all of us could have the opportunity to be in a healthy relationship. We all could access the instruction manual.

I believe that instruction manual is available, and a lot of good books have already been written with these instructions inside.

We all CAN have a healthy relationship because it is spelled out for us, IN THE BIBLE. And, I believe by knowing the intentions God had for marriage, we will understand better how to have a great marriage.

How can I say that? Why would I say that?

God Created Marriage

I can say that because marriage was created by God himself. He told us in his Word what marriage was intended for. He provided the instructions, the how to, to have a healthy relationship. Who better to learn from than the creator Himself!

It makes me wonder why we have so many books to tell us how to have a great marriage, when it’s all there in the Bible.


Sometimes the Bible can be confusing and hard to understand, right? I think in some cases we may not understand the meaning behind what is said, but can we go look up definitions and meanings? Sure we can! What about using different translations of the Bible to inform your understanding? What about the tools we have today, tools to help us know what the Bible is saying?

I encourage you to not let your struggle with reading the Bible keep you from having a GREAT marriage.

Let’s Learn Together

So, come on a journey with me to understand why God created marriage. Start here. I know this is not the Bible, but I am strongly recommending you do not take my word for anything that is said in this article, or this series of articles. I STRONGLY recommend you go read it for yourself in the verses that I present to you or other places in the Bible.

PLEASE, do not just take my word for it! Do your own study. Yet, let what I say urge you on and motivate you to learn more and do your own research.

I want you to know how to have a healthy marriage, but not necessarily a perfect one. I want you to learn what it looks like. I believe that starts by first knowing God’s purpose for marriage.

9 Reasons God Created Marriage

And, I believe there are at least 9 reasons for God’s creation of marriage.

  1. Marriage illustrates the harmony of the Trinity (God, Husband, Wife)
  2. Marriage illustrates the completion of the image of God
  3. In God’s plan for marriage, the husband is the chosen leader
  4. In God’s plan for marriage, the wife was intended to be a helper (encourager) Part 1
  5. In God’s plan for marriage, the wife was intended to be a helper (encourager) Part 2
  6. God intended marriage to be a metaphor for Unity and Harmony through perfection of spousal roles
  7. God intended marriage to be a kind of Worship through relationship
  8. Marriage was intended to make spouses Holy, not Happy.
  9. Marriage is God’s original design for procreation.
  10. Marriage represents God’s design for order and priority in life.

In no way do I claim to be a pastor, prophet, or expert on the Bible. I have read the Bible, studied it, and read many other books about marriage and God. Church is a regular weekly part of my life. However, I do not claim that what I  say in this article or this series is absolute or perfect.


My hope and desire is to encourage and motivate thinking, especially about God’s love and purposes in our life. I have asked many clients this question: “What is your life purpose?” Many of them tell me they have “never thought about that question.” That surprises me!

I want us to understand why we do what we do. Too many people marry due to feelings and hope that marriage provides something that maybe it was never intended to provide. So, hopefully this encourages you and others to think and make better decisions so that the sanctity of marriage and the institution of  marriage can return to its original design.

Stay Tuned!